Dreamlike Worlds

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Stephanie must escape changing and dangerous grounds in Dreamlike Worlds, a challenging physics-based puzzle platformer set in an enchanted fairy world.

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Dreamlike Worlds is a mesmerizing 2D puzzle platformer, where players traverse through a magical fairy-tale setting fraught with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Unlike similar games such as Limbo, this title is devised to pique the interest of both casual and hardcore gamers. Assume the role of a young girl named Stephanie, who is stranded in an enchanted world, struggling to make sense of her bizarre surroundings and ferocious opponents.

As a physics-based puzzler, Dreamlike Worlds hurls treacherous obstacles at the player, forcing them to master a blend of agility, timing, and logic to progress to the next level. This atmospheric game urges players to reach their true potential, immersing them in a world brimming with danger, beauty, and wonder.

Experience a plethora of worlds, including lush forests, mysterious caves, watery lakes and enchanting landscapes that beg players to explore every nook and cranny. With simplistic yet engaging visuals that complement the game's ambient sound, Dreamlike Worlds delivers a captivating immersion experience.

Join Stephanie as she navigates the ever-changing terrain of her new dreamworld with its swirling, shape-shifting mazes and peculiar riddles. Every corner presents the possibility of falling into traps, so quick thinking and reflexes are the key to completing her journey. With beautiful art and crisp visuals, the game's fluid gameplay mechanics encourage learning through trial and error.

Dreamlike Worlds is a delightful, challenging game that is sure to captivate gamers of all experience levels. Follow Stephanie's journey from a pale-eyed kid to a wonder woman and help her find her way home before it's too late.
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