Dream House Days

Dream House Days

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Game overview

Design and rent out your dream home with arcade games, saunas, convenience stores & collect celebrity tenants. Provide guidance to tenants for bonuses.

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Say goodbye to your dream home being a mere fantasy.

In this captivating new simulation game, you get to take on the roles of both architect and landlord, responsible for filling your perfect abode with all sorts of luxuries, from video games to saunas to mini convenience stores. Combine certain items to increase the value of your rooms, which in turn can raise the rent of your property. For instance, put together a high-definition TV with a gaming system to create a game room, or join a grand piano with a painting to produce an elegant art room.

Climb up the ranks of the real estate industry, and you could score some celebrity renters, from chart-topping singers to soccer icons. But the game doesn't revolve purely around business. Your tenants will look up to you as a guide for everything from love to career tips. With your aid, they could find their soulmate or land their dream job.

Create a dream home that truly makes dreams come true, and if you have friends who also play the game, you can enjoy some added bonuses together (currently still in the beta testing phase).

Keep in mind that any data for the game is stored on your device, meaning that it cannot be transferred between different devices, and once you delete or uninstall the application, your save data is gone permanently. Certain elements of the game also require in-app purchases.

Feel free to look up "Kairosoft" to explore more of their available games, or pay a visit to their official website at https://kairopark.jp. We offer both free-to-play and paid options for our games!
Release date
Jan 29, 2013
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Dream House Days Best room tutorial for beginnerDon Studio
【Dream House Days DX】BECOMING THE BEST LANDLORD EVER【NIJISANJI EN | Maria Marionette】Maria Marionette 【NIJISANJI EN】
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