Dream Cats: Magic Adventure

Dream Cats: Magic Adventure

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Game overview

Restore the magic kingdom of Catland by building a perfect kitty town, collecting unique cats, and exploring mysterious locations in Dream Cats: Magic Adventure.

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Step into the enchanted kingdom of Catland where adorable felines reside and enjoy magical adventures full of puzzles and treasures. Your task is to restore the beautiful land and free the cats trapped in roots by the Evil Fog. Purrlin the Wisest, their beloved ruler, has gone missing and it's up to you to help the kitties bring back their enchanted world.

Join the marvelous adventure in Dream Cats: Magic Adventure, help beat the Evil Fog and collect unique cat characters inspired by folklore and popular culture. The game enables you to construct buildings such as cafes, factories, and spas to keep your cats healthy and happy. Place buildings anywhere you please and move them around as desired; your buildings can be grand and majestic or petite and sleek. As their caregiver, turn Catland into a utopia so your furry friends can live life to the fullest.

Rescue the cute kitties with unique skills, personalities, and favorite games to play. Explore various mysterious locations and beautiful worlds to collect items while indulging in exciting puzzles that are better than match-3. Team up with your fluffy adventurers and embark on quests to explore intricate gardens, snowy mountains, and endless deserts. Open various map tiles and discover rewards.

Become the hero in the magical kingdom of Catland and rise to the occasion to vanquish the Evil Fog, gaining respect and admiration from all the felines in the land. Check out our Privacy Policy at http://cm.games/privacy-policy and our Terms of Use at http://cm.games/terms-of-use.
Creative Mobile
Release date
Nov 30, 2021
Single player

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