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Dread Rune is a roguelike RPG with randomized levels, enemies, and items. Play as one of fifteen heroes, master weapons and items, and defeat bosses to progress.

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Step into the world of Dread Rune, a thrilling roguelike RPG game that comes with 3D graphics and endless replayability options. Get ready to embark on a challenging journey where every game is unique, and every decision counts. With twelve different playable characters to choose from, randomized levels, foes, and over 120 items to collect, this game is packed with lots of variety and endless opportunities to explore.

The game's mechanics are simple enough to grasp, but it takes a deep understanding of weapons, combat, and strategic use of items to make significant strides. The journey to mastery promises to be both exciting and rewarding.

Dread Rune boasts an incredibly high replayability value as all levels, enemies, and items are randomly generated to ensure that no two games are ever the same. With a variety of fifteen classes to choose from, including Adventurer, Pirate, Mage, Drunk, Conjurer, Lord, Pump-King, Blink, Ranger, Soul Mage, Necromancer, Chef, Viking, Demoman, and Druid, every character has a unique ability, starting stats, and gear.

The game has five distinct dungeon regions, each with its unique foes and environments, providing exciting new challenges at every level. Dread Rune features an impressive assortment of over 120 different items, including powerful runes, scrolls, weapons, and armor, all designed to help you achieve your goals.

Are you up for the challenge? Take on 30+ different enemies, 10 different traps, and five bosses, and put your skills to the test. The game's environment is fully destructible, giving you the freedom to create your path through the dungeon.

Unlock character upgrades that persist across runs, including damage, health, stamina, speed, dash speed, carry capacity, and special cooldown. You'll also encounter various random events as you progress through the game, some good, and others bad. With 18 encounters to discover, you're in for a thrilling ride.

Dread Rune receives regular monthly updates, with new content, features, and items added regularly. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates.

Join our Discord chatroom to connect with fellow gamers and access more information on Dread Rune. Contact us via email at meatlabgames@gmail.com for inquiries and feedback. Get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience with Dread Rune.
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Gameplay & Streams

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