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Telephone-style drawing game through AirConsole - use smartphones as controllers to draw & guess phrases until a final evolution is revealed.

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To enjoy this entertaining and hilarious game, all you need is a smartphone. Drawing Evolution is a unique visual game that takes the simple phrases to a whole new level. It's an online version of the game of Telephone that will provide endless laughs for any group.

Playing the game is very simple. First, you get a word or phrase to draw. The fun part begins when each player guesses what the other has drawn or describes the drawing. Then, the next player draws that guess and so on. The cycle of guessing and drawing continues until the final reveal of how each phrase has evolved.

Here's an example of Drawing Evolution in action: Player 1 draws "Swinging at a Pinata", and Player 2 guesses "Angry Pirate with a Stick". Player 3 must then draw "Angry Pirate with a Stick" and Player 4 would guess "Halloween Costume". Finally, you would see how "Swinging at a Piñata" evolved into "Halloween Costume".

AirConsole is the video game console behind the game and provides a unique, web-based gaming experience. It can accommodate multiple players using their smartphones as individual controllers. To play, simply go to on your smartphone browser and enter the code displayed on the screen. That’s it – you’re ready to join in the fun!

So, get your friends together, and enjoy Drawing Evolution with AirConsole for a delightful and amusing evening.
Release date
Apr 24, 2020

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