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Join 300 million players in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, save the world as the goddess Altea from her evil sister. Unique classes and intense combat await!

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The highly-anticipated MMORPG game, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, is now globally available for all players to enjoy. Newcomers can become part of the epic adventure in this free-to-play game that has already been experienced by over 300 million gamers worldwide. Answer the call of the goddess Altea and embark on a journey to write your faith and fulfill your mission together.

The continent of Altea is on the brink of destruction and the goddess Altea, the creator of Dragon Valley, is in a deep sleep after being poisoned by her evil sister Vestinel. As a result, the world of Archerin is born and the shadows have devastated the land, making mankind selfish and greedy. You, as a group of adventurers, must fight against the dragons that are attacking the land and find the power stone to awaken the sleeping goddess from her slumber to save the world from an unprecedented calamity.

The Dragon Valley Continent is once again under attack by giant dragons and the land of happiness is in despair. The goddess' voice calls out to you in your dreams, urging you to come back and save this world from darkness. Join forces with your friends and return to Altea to save the youth and the world from being destroyed by the vile creatures.

Experience intense combat with unique classes, enjoy freedom of play that is accessible to all, and indulge in exciting boss battles with four distinct classes for unlimited team-up possibilities. The game features player-driven economy that is perfect for recreational adventurers and charming companions that bring joy and friendships.

Players can tackle dungeons solo or in groups of four or eight while coordinated efforts are needed from all players to take down world bosses for precious rewards. Claim in-game rewards for grand launch by visiting the official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord community. Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution.
Level Infinite
Release date
Jul 18, 2023
Single player

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