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Dragon Up

Netflix, Inc.
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Game overview

Netflix's exclusive idle game: Collect rare dragons, revive their magic, and expand your kingdom while unlocking new lands and feeding gold to your pet Billy.

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Exclusively available for members of Netflix, embark on a vibrant and stunningly animated adventure game where players can collect and hatch rare dragons. As you progress through the game, aid the dragons in the restoration of their magic and ultimately, save the kingdom. Each dragon possesses a unique design and personality waiting to be unraveled, with dragons such as the Queen Dragon, Pug Dragon, and Robo Dragon offering exceptional rewards and revenue-generating abilities.

Expanding your idle kingdom requires your diligence in unlocking exotic habitats and new lands, upgrading your dragon's nests, and elevating their capabilities. Collecting cards and magic potions can enhance your favorite dragons' abilities, empowering them to fulfill your objectives.

To increase your wealth and treasures, satisfy your dragon's insatiable appetite by feeding it coins. Billy, your pet dragon, will reward you with new dragons, nests, and fantastic treasures at the end of each day. By rebuilding your nests and welcoming back your dragons, you will expand your kingdom and establish an epic dragon utopia.

Excitement peaks with time-limited events that provide the golden opportunity to win rare dragons, gems, and potent potions to progress your primary quest. Join the adventure today on Netflix!
Netflix, Inc.
Release date
May 23, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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