Dragon Super: Saiyan Ball Z

Dragon Super: Saiyan Ball Z

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Play as Goku, a noble Saiyan, and unlock transformations such as Super Saiyan God, Ultra Instinct, and Superhero Saiyan Broly God. Channel his power with Kaio-ken and Super God Shock Flash.

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Goku, a noble and morally upright fighter, operates under the belief that his power only manifests in response to necessity and not desire. The Saiyan was sent to Earth as an infant with orders to destroy the planet, but he ultimately grew to consider himself an Earthling rather than a Saiyan. Despite this, when battles commence, Goku displays typical Saiyan thinking, as he desires a clear winner at the end of each fight. Even when faced with the opportunity to escape the self-destructing Planet Namek by utilizing the Namekian Dragon Balls, Goku chose to finish his fight with Frieza instead. He has achieved various transformations including Super Saiyan 3, Super Warrior, ssjl, lssj, ss2, ss3 saiyas god, ssj ultra instinct, drak saiyan, kaioken, drak destroy, ultra super saiyan. Broly, another powerful Saiyan, displays a godly transformation surpassing Super Saiyan Blue. Goku also learned Ultra Instinct from training under Whis which he used to complete a special state that he unlocked during the Tournament of Power. Despite the loss of his friends and family at the hands of Frieza and his subordinates, he still showed mercy toward the then-evil Vegeta by giving him a senzu bean. He also dislikes having to acquire power from others, preferring to earn it through hard training. Despite all of his accomplishments and power, Goku is consistently portrayed as a humble and determined individual.
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