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Unleash the Shadow Fencer's foil-attacking skills to uncover new stories and challenges on Cambridge, the latest map to join Dragon Raja's stunningly immersive world.

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Cassell College has welcomed a new class, the Shadow Fencer, equipped with a foil which they use as their weapon of attack. The Shadow Fencer's diverse set of skills also involves a partner shadow that can deal explosive damage and strip off opponents' control, making them a formidable addition to your squad. Furthermore, the new Cambridge map introduces an intriguing storyline, which can only be unravelled by diving in and exploring the secrets hidden in Dragon Raja!

Dragon Raja is an open-world mobile game that employs state-of-the-art technology and breathtaking graphics to offer an immersive gaming experience. Built on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, the game delivers a vast and interactive world through its simulated physical collision system and optical motion capture technology. The visually stunning graphics of Dragon Raja give players the impression of playing a PC game.

Dragon Raja boasts a newer story and more challenges from various locations, featuring famous landmarks around the globe. NPCs in-game offers players separate quests or varying dialogues depending on their preferred choices, thus giving them the ability to shape the game's world. Get ready for a thrilling encounter with new stories and powerful world bosses as you embark on a fresh adventure!

The game's comprehensive character customization allows players to create unique personalities based on how they respond to the unexpected. Players can choose from an endless selection of styles, from casual, retro, street to futuristic, to dress up their characters, with even more styles set to arrive soon!

The Dragon Lord has awoken from its slumber as a result of a group of humans called Hybrids, who possesses extraordinary abilities. These Hybrids are assembling to establish adequate grounds for the epic showdown, which will undoubtedly be explosive.

Dragon Raja requires substantial storage space due to its high-quality graphics and massive content. At least 3GB of game files are mandatory for the core game, with an additional 1.5GB worth of art files that need downloading upon entering the game. Therefore, please ensure your device meets the following requirements: Android 5.0 or newer system versions, at least 2GB RAM or more, 6GB of storage space or more, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher CPU.

Lastly, Dragon Raja has a myriad of social media platforms where players can interact with fellow gamers. Follow them on their Official site, Discord, Facebook, VK, and YouTube. Are you ready to embark on this fantastic journey?
Release date
Feb 27, 2020
Open world



Много весит, игра по сюжету не для меня

 from Skich app

Хорошая игра, с интересным сюжетом и годной графикой

HronaHronafrom Skich app

Good graphics but the server is laggy

Mykhrey AloveraMykhrey Aloverafrom Skich app

nice game, but dont like the story

RgiiRgiifrom Skich app

Ужасно лагает а так игра норм

Tereza playTereza playfrom Skich app

Amazing game graphic are good storylines good awesome!

Inbawesome balaInbawesome balafrom Skich app

Im soooo tired of finding a promising looking anime game then regretting it later; it happened with genshin impact AND dragon raja, now the games are awesome, EVERYTHING is great EXCEPT the fact that i NEVER actually find challenging enemies😞😞😞the games are too easy coz you get hit for so little damage but give so much damage

Musaiwale MutaleMusaiwale Mutalefrom Skich app

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