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Game overview

Use your block-building skills to explore and restore the realm of Alefgard, gathering materials to craft and fight monsters, in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS.

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Explore a world built with blocks, gather resources, create structures, and prepare to fight against the main antagonist, the Dragonlord in an epic journey. DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS mobile game, brought to you by SQUARE ENIX, offers you the chance to venture into the vast realm of Alefgard that has been engulfed in darkness and chaos by the cruel and wicked Dragonlord, who leads an army of monsters.

As the legendary builder, you hold the power to build entire towns and villages, and it's your responsibility to create defenses, craft weapons, and gather resources to survive against the monstrous enemies, including Slimes, Golems, and Dragons that threaten the existence of humanity.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS allows you to experience an action-packed adventure where you explore, gather resources, and build from anywhere, in a world entirely built with blocks. Every material you stumble across can be used to craft different items, farm, and build your base to unite the people of Alefgard and create your village.

Enjoy added features such as the easy-to-use interfaces that allow you to place and destroy blocks quickly, specialized cursors for undoing unpleasant outcomes, and the ability to convert buildings into Build Cards to share with friends.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS' new DLC in-app purchase feature, also offers new elements to improve your gameplay experience. "Magic Carpet," "Boss Monster Model Set," "Astronomy Set," and "Pixel Ring" comes in a set called "All in one pack" (A set of the above 4) in the Terra Incognita land- where you can build and play freely.

Playing this game on devices with Android 11.0 or later with a minimum of 4GB RAM is recommended. Note that playing the game on a non-recommended device may cause unexpected errors, such as crashing due to insufficient memory, and support for these devices are not guaranteed. Download DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS now to immerse yourself in an interactive world that gives you the power to build and protect yourself.
Release date
May 20, 2022
Open world
Single player

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