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In "The Tree of Time", half-human, half-dragon Rose scavenges for the power to return home with her fairy godmother. With 200 monster abilities, no two quests are the same.

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The captivating story of Rose, a dragon-human hybrid, and her fairy mentor who stumbled upon a mysterious alternate dimension known only as "The Tree of Time" is just the beginning of your adventure. As legends say, a treasure of unimaginable power sleeps at the core, strong enough to send the unusual duo back to their own universe. Prepare for a demanding expedition through the labyrinthine maze of The Tree of Time to uncover the treasure that will save Rose and her fairy godmother. But be cautious, because defeat will strip Rose of all items and downgrade her level. Each time you enter the ever-changing dungeon, prepare for a new and unparalleled challenge.

This game is turn-based, giving you enough time to strategize your attack and defense to make the most of your limited moves, an important aspect that focuses on your character's growth and fearlessness. Victory will come only through your courage and breakthroughs, so make each of your decision wisely.

Rose's unique ability to equip and learn from Fangs, the attributes she gained from the monsters she vanquished, is truly groundbreaking. With over 200 different types of monsters to battle, the pairing possibilities are endless, and each combination will lead you on a new trail of discovery. Create your own mixes or combine the elements of your favorite monsters to prepare for the unknown adventure that awaits.

One of the game's most striking elements is the "Brave" system, where fighting in open spaces is crucial for success. Unlike the traditional rogue-like strategy of using corridors, The Tree of Time calls for a different kind of gameplay. You may find yourself searching for open spaces, where Rose's attacks gain extra power when there are no obstacles within the eight adjacent spaces. The game's design overturns the conventional rogue-like pattern, delivering a unique and dynamic experience for players.

For experienced players, there are a range of additional features to discover: score attack mode, item storehouse, monster manual, achievements, mini puzzle dungeons, and an extended dungeon for expert adventurers. It's time to challenge and test yourself the "The Tree of Time".
Toydea Inc.
Release date
Aug 02, 2020

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