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Save Elfland from evil dragons. Explore, collect treasures, evolve Elves, merge miracles, and create a beautiful homeland. Over 400 levels, 800 items, and 60 Elves.

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Join us on a journey to a world full of mysterious magic and elves, where we must become the protectors of this enchanted land! The Elves had lived in peace for as long as anyone could remember, until the day the evil dragons arrived. These creatures ravaged everything in their path, leaving behind nothing but destruction and darkness. The ruler of the Elves, the Elf Queen, led her people into war against the dragons, but their losses were heavy. Your task is to explore this world, collect treasures, and find Elf Eggs that can be hatched and evolved into powerful beings capable of defeating the evil dragons. The land needs healing, and through the merging of miracles you can create a beautiful place to call home.

With more than 400 stages and over 800 magical items to collect, there is no shortage of challenges or treasures in this game. You can find more than 60 cute Elves, complete over 1000 quests, and heal countless Dark Lands. The Elf Queen will even surprise you each day with new surprises. As you build your home and command your Elves to create a beautiful kingdom, you can make like-minded friends in-game.

For beginners, it is important to know that merging three identical items creates a new item, whereas merging five will yield an additional reward. Always try to match five items together instead of three. Rukh is the life force of Elfland, and it can be used to heal the land and defeat the evil dragons. Your progress is saved automatically, so you can pick up where you left off each time you play.

There are a few special instructions to take note of: if your screen is locked, tap the Lock button in the lower left corner to unlock it. Do not delete the game, as you will lose your progress, but instead use cloud saving to protect your progress. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to the game's support email address: moremorechili@gmail.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure in Elfland? Download the game now and become the savior of the magical land!
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Release date
Jun 12, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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