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Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire

Game overview

Create a hero, explore a rich world, and master combat in Dragon Blade Online's medieval fantasy world of Thomere.

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Immerse yourself in the medieval realm of Thomere and embark on a grand adventure in Dragon Blade Online. Choose from six unique classes, such as the gallant Knight, enigmatic Druid, or lethal Assassin, and forge your hero. Navigate through vast landscapes, lay siege on ominous fortress walls, and brave perilous dungeons on your own or in the company of your comrades.

Dragon Blade presents a spellbinding world infused with enchantment and folklore. Wander across pastoral farmlands, traipse through misty foliage, occupied by fantastical creatures, and weather treacherous peaks in your trek. The land is riddled with feuding territories and looming shadows that threaten the land and its people. Take it upon yourself to tip the balance in this endless warfare and help protect the vulnerable.

In this fast-paced realm, combat is a thrilling mix of strategy and swiftness, with active blocking and nimble dodging. Master the art of wielding class-specific abilities and refine your combat technique to vanquish the most menacing foes. Enhance your strength and potential by equipping formidable gear and acquiring powerful artifacts. Bond with a guild, create alliances, and become an integral part of the Thomere legend. Enlist yourself now and etch your name on the throne of the Dragon Blade Online.
Helen Game
Release date
Sep 19, 2023

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