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Stranded friends on an alien shore with amnesia, fight and craft their way through crazy cosplaying goblins to unravel the mystery of Doom & Destiny Worlds.

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As you awaken on an alien shore, you and your companions find yourselves suffering from the common gaming ailment of amnesia. You are left with a multitude of questions: who brought you here, why were you summoned, and how can you return home? And, of course, what's for dinner?

Doom & Destiny Worlds presents an expansive open world RPG experience boasting turn-based combat, crafting, building, and farming. Prepare to face off against fantastical foes such as cosplay-crazed goblins, flatulent stone giants, and wrathful genies throughout the game's 60+ handcrafted islands. Scavenge for resources, outfit your team, and investigate the mysteries surrounding the eponymous three worlds of the game.

Make use of every tool at your disposal to rise to the challenges at hand. Doom & Destiny Worlds features an innovative Dynamic Crafting System, or DyCS. Harness the power of blueprints and all available materials to forge a range of bespoke weaponry, armor, drinks, and explosives. Fight to level up your party and unlock Feats, enhancing your Abilities to wield incredible weapons and tailor your party members to perfectly suit your playstyle. The game's turn-based battles occur in real-time and can be further complicated by the arrival of enemy reinforcements.

Even a hero needs to unwind, however. Take in the sights and sounds of the game's interactive open world, mining tunnels, digging canals, and carving new paths through the landscape. Customize your very campsite, creating furniture using materials you've gathered or simply swiping it from the locals. Produce your own crops to craft healthy snacks and grown-up beverages, and expand your inventory to enhance your options.

When it comes to Doom & Destiny Worlds, the sky is the limit โ€“ well, that and the space in your backpack. Get lost in the immersive gameplay experience, and don't miss the opportunity to explore all that this game has to offer!
Release date
May 18, 2022
Single player
Split screen

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