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Take your Japanese sweets shop to the next level by making the ultimate zunda mochi with Tohoku Zunko and her sister Itako in Doki Doki Sweets Girlfriend!

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A splendid partnership between Genius Studio Japan and "Tohoku Zunko" now reveals a delightful new game, Doki Doki Sweets Girlfriend! You inherit a Japanese sweet shop as a high school student, and Tohoku Zunko arrives on your doorstep one day, claiming to be famished. Though your confectionary business is slow, you offer her sweets, but she insists on only consuming "Zunda Mochi," a local delicacy in the northern part of Japan. After you retrieve the treat for her, she helps you realize how essential zunda mochi is for your business's success. Tohoku Zunko is beautifully kind, yet can be overly enthusiastic about zunda mochi. Will you be able to create the best zunda mochi with her help?

In your pursuit of victory, you will encounter others from the Tohoku Zunko universe, including Itako, Zunko's older sister and a spiritual medium, who is motivated to promote her sibling's popularity throughout the nation. Despite Itako having the power to summon spirits, she has yet to master the craft fully. Moreover, you'll meet Kiritan, Zunko's fierce younger sister, and many more.

Tohoku Zunko was created by SSS LLC. after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami to promote Japan's northern Tohoku region. She was named after the traditional specialty "zunda mochi," which is mochi crowned with mashed edamame beans. Start creating the ultimate zunda mochi with Tohoku Zunko and unlock the secrets to their hearts!
Release date
Jan 31, 2020
Single player

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