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Attend summer school at an all-girls university to maintain scholarship. Join WISH, a musical band, and help Kiko, Sae, and Jun overcome personal obstacles to reach success.

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In this captivating visual novel game, you play as a student whose perfect GPA has been ruined by a mysterious computer error. To salvage your scholarship, you are compelled to attend summer school at an all-girls university. However, your vacation turns sour when you realize that your arch-rival from high school is in the same school as you. The fate of your dreams now lies in your hands. You must help the struggling members of WISH, an all-female band, to regain the spotlight and maintain your scholarship.

♬Meet Kiko – The Lead Singer

Kiko, the vivacious frontwoman of WISH, is a ball of energy who's destined for greatness. Despite her fame, Kiko desires nothing more than to spend time with her beloved corgi, Rolo. You must aid Kiko in overcoming her anxiety and inner conflict. There's no doubt that the pressure can be overwhelming, but you can help Kiko overcome these obstacles to reach her true potential.

♬Meet Sae – The Guitarist

Sae, the band's tranquil guitarist, finds it difficult to express her emotions, despite coming from a prominent family of tea makers. With your assistance, Sae can potentially be one of the greatest musical talents. Can you help Sae unlock her full potential or will she be too hot to handle?

♬Meet Jun – The Bassist

Jun, the stoic bassist of WISH, leads the band with an iron fist. Although she speaks little, her words echo in the hearts of everyone around her. Jun is juggling school, rehearsals, and her ailing sister's health. You must aid Jun in managing her burdens in the face of exams, concerts, and difficult family situations.
Release date
Jan 20, 2021
Single player

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