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Expand your DoC gameplay experience with God Mode edition's cheat and modification options. Hardcore fans will appreciate the sandbox functionality collector's edition.

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Dungeons of Chaos introduces an exciting collector's edition with expanded sandbox functionality to its fans. As a hardcore fan, you should consider playing and immersing yourself in the main game before trying this upgraded edition for maximum enjoyment. This version comes with powerful cheating options to alter and modify your game. Although, it's important to note that using these features before you've played through the game normally will lessen your overall experience. 

In this edition, the fixed party challenges, main game tutorial, achievements, and files that work with DoC and vice versa are not included. However, there are many exciting features that come with this edition. You can use sliders to change the general XP gains from 50% to 500% normal level or to increase random loot count from 100% to 500% for non-specific drops from monsters, chests, and finds. Also, in-game instant level up, revival, teleportation, and gold cheats are available. You can summon your own companion or enemy, for example, to pit Zomok's pets against each other in battle. Moreover, the game allows you to disable class restrictions for use of any advanced guild or item, remove class restrictions on birth feats, and increase the maximum enhancement number for each enhancement, and enable two birth feats at birth.

The game offers a character creation mode where you can roll stats independently from the birth feat, an easy 'start a solo party' option for creating a single character, and a slider to increase monster strength from 50% to 500%. You can enable an in-game cheat: class cap 99 for any skill or spell for any character. Additionally, there's a full monster compendium with detailed stats in the main menu that allows you to view all the monsters in the game. You can also enjoy a new high-end location that respawns chests and all as a sandbox playground. Moreover, the game enables you to set a player as invisible to monsters until you are the last one standing of your side.

This edition of Dungeons of Chaos is an exciting opportunity to create your challenge in a world where no human has a fire resistance of over 25%, spectate battles, or fulfill your dreams of getting your priest a war plate and star hammer he deserves as a barbarian earlier in his career.

While the game currently does not allow you to take an existing party and replace a character with a new one, the developers are looking into ways to make it happen. The possibility of locking some settings for a particular save game is also being explored.

Overall, if you're a hardcore fan and enjoy experimenting with cheat codes, this expanded sandbox functionality collector's edition will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience.
Volker Elzner
Release date
Aug 18, 2018
Single player

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