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Djinn Caster

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Fantasy action RPG with 20 Djinns to summon and a revolution to rise to in the cities of Dulshara. Not compatible with Android 10.

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Attention all adventure seekers and RPG fans! Indulge in a thrilling and interactive fantasy world with the game of Djinn Caster, a breathtaking action RPG set in the foreign lands of Dulshara. Pocketgamer describes it as having a “fresh coat of paint,” transporting players to a world of mirages and sandstorms that have long kept the magical cities of Dulshara hidden from outsiders.

Although the people of Dulshara live under the terror of an oppressive Sultan, darker forces are looming on the horizon. Players step into the shoes of Elmir, a young man who receives a powerful but mysterious dagger from a dying man fleeing from the Sultan's Army. Within the dagger lies the power of ancient days, or 'Djinn,' and Elmir is called upon to use his skills and unlock this power to combat the forces of evil.

Explore Dulshara's vast and varied landscapes, from sprawling cities filled with special events to eerie, monster-filled dungeons that house ancient Djinn waiting to be collected. Players can participate in a variety of mini-games, dungeon trials, and treasure hunting, as well as completing quests and sub-quests to aid their fellow citizens.

Djinn Caster boasts impressive graphics and performance improvements to ensure smooth gameplay for players on devices up to Android 9.0. The game now requires an additional download of around 600 MB before playing, but users can now enjoy the server's improved performance for a faster and more stable experience.

In Djinn Caster, you can summon up to 20 ancient Djinn to release their power, customize your battle actions to suit your style, and gain experience to aid you in the quest to save Dulshara.

Finally, it's worth noting that the game can be played in its entirety without in-app purchases, so the focus is solely on the gameplay and not on any monetary gain. For those who yearn for adventure, Djinn Caster is the perfect game. So why wait? Join Elmir and the Djinn on a journey to revolution today!
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