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Join the Island Hunters to defeat Demons and reunite Soul Shards in Divine Descent. Choose a career, team up, collect pets, and enjoy boss battles and rewards.

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In a world on the brink of annihilation, the malevolent Demons have surfaced, posing a threat to humanity's very existence. The heroic Light God-Sol wages an extensive war against the force of darkness, but unluckily, his efforts are unsuccessful, and he shatters into six fragments due to the Demons' mighty hammer. These shattered soul shards get sealed away on the enigmatic Iost Islands.

As the world plunges into a Dark Era, humanity endures its grimmest hours. The Island Hunters, resilient survivors, band together, forging an alliance to retrieve the shattered soul fragments and reawaken the dormant Light God for a new era of enlightenment and prosperity. Their success determines the fate of humankind and the dawn of a new era.

Divine Descent provides you with a multi-career system. Each profession has its unique traits and skills, such as the Hunter, who strives for incredible strength, and the Lyn, who aims for elegant and robust combat attacks. Select the one that resonates with you the most, initiate your vocation, and embark on an enthralling journey!

In Divine Descent, thousands of people with the same goals can amass the strength of thousands, while thousands with contrasting objectives are useless. Locate like-minded friends, challenge daunting dungeons in unison, and conquer imposing bosses.

Numerous high-end pets with formidable attributes await your collection. Activate the bond between pets, awaken their innate talents, harness their power, and overturn battles to defeat your foes.

Unleash your unbridled potential all day long and increase your probability of dropping exquisite treasures. On defeating bosses, you may acquire magical weapons and attain peak combat strength to save the world.

In life and death, you shall rely on one another.

Divine Descent constitutes a variety of events and rewards tailored explicitly to your preferences. Immerse yourself once more in the fantasy universe of Divine Descent – download the game today!
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Release date
Sep 14, 2023
Open world

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