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Disney Twisted-Wonderland

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Game overview

Summoned to Twisted Wonderland, explore a school of villainous magic students, learn spells, and battle in rhythm game combat.

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The storyline of this game delves into the true forms of the villains, with Naoshi Arakawa responsible for the main scenario and character designs. The game follows the protagonist who, guided by a magic mirror, finds themselves summoned to the Twisted Wonderland, a different world. Upon arrival, they find themselves at the prestigious magic school, Night Raven College.

There, the protagonist, who has no particular purpose, receives the protection of the masked school principal and sets out to find a way back to their original world. However, the students awaiting them are all problem children, talented but with no sense of cooperation. Will the protagonist be able to work with them and find a way to return to their world? What are the secrets of the students who possess the souls of villains?

This game offers a combination of simple command-based battles and rhythm games. Alongside the students of Night Raven College, players will attend classes such as magical history, alchemy, and flying techniques. As the story progresses, players will play through the adventure part while the characters use magic in battle, and tap notes in time with the music in rhythm parts.

As you progress through the game, you can grow together with the characters and experience campus life. Seven dorms, each with their unique characters, feature in this game inspired by the world of Disney movies. These dorms include Hearts Labyul, twisted from Alice in Wonderland; Savanaclaw, twisted from The Lion King; Octavinelle, twisted from The Little Mermaid; Scarabia, twisted from Aladdin; Pomfiore, twisted from Snow White; Ignihyde, twisted from Hercules; and Diasomnia, twisted from Sleeping Beauty.

The production team behind the game consists of Naoshi Arakawa, who is responsible for the original scenario and character designs, f4samurai, in charge of development and operation, and several other creators responsible for various aspects such as logo design, background art, and music composition.

The game is compatible with Android 7.0 or later, with some exceptions for certain devices. Note that even if the device is confirmed to be operational, instability may occur depending on usage conditions.
Aniplex Inc.
Release date
Dec 03, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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