Diorama Detective

Diorama Detective

Studio Cypher
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Game overview

Solve quirky mysteries in an immersive AR experience, using clues to recreate physical scenes and capture photographic proof. Partner with Adrian Sharpe to untangle the facts.

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Immerse yourself in an extraordinary AR experience where you can solve fun and amusing mysteries in an unconventional environment. The game will take you to a diorama which serves as the setting for the mystery. To solve the puzzle, you need to recreate the scene by using clues to establish the actual situation. Moreover, the game allows you to have a distinct perspective by viewing hidden areas and unusual angles through AR. While in the process of solving the mystery, you can capture evidence by taking pictures and piece together all the clues to find the truth.

Adrian Sharpe is in dire need of your help to become a detective and together you will work on four engaging cases that are plaguing the neighborhood of Gold Beach. Your skills and unique perspective are essential in cracking the case and uncovering the truth. The mystery will lead you to answer questions such as why a kid thinks that his dog is a werewolf, who is sabotaging the magician, and why are the Duchess’s jewels cursed.

This AR game is built from the ground up for AR, providing you with intuitive movement and exploration strategies. With your phone as the controller, you can move around the apartment to physically re-enact the scene. As you delve deeper into the mystery, your curiosity will guide you through unexpected twists and turns.

Experience an unbroken narrative with four distinct plot points to solve. With lighthearted humor and charming characters, this game boasts of an original soundtrack and tight gameplay that will leave you engrossed for up to three hours. The game is promptly optimized for iPhone 6S and up.
Studio Cypher
Release date
Aug 13, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Diorama Detective: iOS / Android Gameplay Walkthrough (by Studio Cypher)App Unwrapper
Diorama Detective Release TrailerStudioCypher
Diorama Detective Announce TrailerStudioCypher
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