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Save frozen friends by pushing them onto lava in this puzzle game with over 50 levels and a level editor. Open source and features retro graphics and music.

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Dinothawr by Agnes Heyer and Hans-Kristian Arntzen, also known as Themaister, is an uncomplicated puzzle game that revolves around saving frozen friends. In this game, your aim is to guide your pals onto the scorching lava to unfreeze them. The gameplay fuses the elements of renowned classics Kickle Cubicle and Sokoban, and features an appealing soundtrack that sets the mood.

With over 50 levels and a level editor, Dinothawr offers an enthralling experience that caters to puzzle enthusiasts. Enhanced graphics through shaders are available, or for those who prefer retro ironclad visuals, the standard pixel art does not disappoint.

Remarkably, the game employs RetroArch, an open-source frontend, custom-built for this purpose only and the first game that exclusively uses the libretro API.

Keep in mind that Dinothawr is open-source. As such, you can retrieve its code from Github.
Release date
Jan 04, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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