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Dinosaur Island Escape: survive or die by exploring an open world, fighting or sneaking by dinosaurs, and solving puzzles. Build skills, find items, and choose your path.

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Dinosaur Island Escape (DIE) is an interactive novel with a gripping plot that revolves around escaping from the deadliest place on Earth. Written by the talented Chris Viola, this 84,000-word game boasts a puzzle-based open world narrative that will stimulate your imagination like never before.

As you tread through the game, you will come across an uncharted island teeming with prehistoric predators who perceive you as nothing but a delicious meal. Engage in solving intriguing mysteries, discovering secrets, and exploring a one-of-a-kind open world in any manner you like. The game is presented in a sandbox style that, coupled with the opportunity to design your unique statline and find dozens of distinct objects, ensures that each new game is an entirely new experience.

DIE portrays an inclusive advertising campaign that allows players to play as a male, female or non-binary character with different sexual orientations- bi, straight, lesbian or gay, whichever one suits them the best. Multiple routes off the island offer a different adventure each time you play, making the game even more gratifying.

You will be at the heart of a love triangle in the game, with your current partner and an attractive stranger vying for your attention. Fight against ferocious dinosaurs with a katana, outrun them with your blazing speed, engage in hand-to-hand combat with them, shoot them with a rifle, or deftly sneak by them with unmatched stealth.

The game's detailed settings include an abandoned city, a massive castle, a mountain range, and a vast beach. Survive a perilous waterfall jump, a sinking quicksand or face a giant crocodile. Save innocent civilians by conceiving a strategy against pterosaurs to prevent them from causing destruction.

As you progress through the game, it is up to you - will you leave the island alive and unscathed, or perish in a brutal dinosaur attack? Only you can decide whether the long lost secrets of the island must be brought back to the world, or whether they should remain unknown.
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Jul 14, 2021
Single player
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