Dinosaur Hunt

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Hunt carnivorous dinosaurs with upgraded weapons, stunning graphics, and dangerous environments in an ultra-realistic FPS dinosaur survival and hunting simulator game.

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Are you ready to encounter and overpower monstrous creatures like T-Rex using a heavy hammer? Do you have what it takes to exterminate Stegosaurus dinosaurs with a bazooka or slice and dice raptors with a sharp Katana? Would a shotgun be effective enough in hunting an armored Ankylosaurus dinosaur? What would it be like to fire a crossbow bolt at giant Brontosaurus? Are you curious about the anatomy of a Triceratops' jaw? Satisfy your curiosity and experience the ultimate thrill of hunting and survival with the latest realistic extreme game featuring dangerous shooting and hunting simulation with dinosaurs.

Your journey to conquer the most horrifying animals begins by tracking fierce carnivores through backgrounds ranging from sands and jungles to swamps and icy terrains. Survive the ultimate test of endurance by shooting your way through the increasingly aggressive carnivores in the ultra-hard survival mode. With easy controls, you can immerse yourself in diverse environments full of dinosaurs and maximize firepower with a variety of weapons you can unlock and upgrade. Score kills to complete missions, get paid with coins, and unleash ultra-hard survival mode, complete with breathtaking explosions!

The ultra-realistic graphics bring the dawn of time to surreal highs. The amazing animations give you an authentic hunting experience, while the spectacular dinosaur explosions in survival mode are a sight to behold. The game features multiple targets in two scenarios: deadly hunt and extreme survive, with multiple hunting missions of varying difficulty levels that culminate in a showdown with deadly predators. You can unlock and upgrade weapons such as pistol, AK47, M4, sniper rifle, bazooka, katana, knife, or whatever best fits your style.

The game is visually impressive, with Jurassic-era details, jungle exploration, shoreline action, waterfall cascades, and other environment animations that help you enjoy the diverse locations even more. Whether you prefer FPS games, hunting simulators, or dinosaurs, this game will pique your interest. Join our Facebook community for updates and amazing new features. It's open season, so grab your weapons and embark on an unforgettable adventure to hunt or be hunted!
Racing Bros
Release date
Dec 22, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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