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Dino War

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Fight in humanity's last stand against the New Dawn's beast army with jurassic giants in Dino War, a MMO strategy game.

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Experience the future of MMO strategy games with Dino War, the ultimate battle for survival in a world where beasts were meant to signify progress, but instead brought forth our destruction. Civility has crumbled, governments have fallen, and the only way to survive is to fight. Are you ready to join Lieutenant Stryker and the Resistance to overcome Dr. Claw’s advanced beast-fusion technology, as it continues to breed a new and stronger predator – the terrifying soldiers of the New Dawn?

In this epic game, survive and thrive by commanding mighty engineered beasts that can be controlled using SMART plugins discovered amongst the wreckage of GeneSys Incorporated. Build your army with the finest troops and amplify your stats to enjoy greater success. As you establish your empire, forge alliances and friendships in the Wilds, hatch plans and take down your mutual enemies with the sheer might of your dinosaur army at your back.

Take your exploration and trading abilities to new heights and reap the benefits of serious growth as you produce materials and trade them with other Commanders. With every item and resource you find, strengthen your Base and stand resolute, knowing that your neighbors will stop at nothing to acquire the same things you hold dear.

As you prepare for war against the New Dawn, tangible threats continue to become more pronounced with each passing day. Foil Dr. Claw's sinister plans and battle it out with mutant hunters. Even as you wage war, never forget to appreciate the breathtaking 3D animation and artwork that are unmatched in the mobile strategy gaming genre.

Explore an immersive new game world, filled with vivid characters, rich storylines, and vast subplots, where every decision has an impact. Finally, chat and interact with thousands of like-minded players across the globe using the real-time translation tool and stay up-to-date with the latest Dino War updates and story developments on Facebook and Instagram. The future of civilization depends on how you play your cards. Join the fight for humanity now!
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