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Experience dinosaur life with RPG elements, unique biomes, and customization options in Dino Survival Simulator. Overcome 50+ missions, form clans, and dominate prehistoric times.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure to the prehistoric period of dinosaurs with Dino Survival Simulator. This immersive game offers a unique blend of RPG, survival, and exploration elements, featuring dynamic biomes that are waiting for you to explore.

Experience the awe-inspiring life cycles of different dinosaurs, including the nimble Compsognathus and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, through 10 immersive chapters of evolutionary gameplay. Navigate through dense forests, scorching deserts, roaring waterfalls, and volcanic terrains while facing distinctive challenges, resources, and secrets.

Customize and grow your dinosaurs by upgrading their speed, strength, and skills. You can also personalize them with unique skins and roars to make your mark in the Dino Survival Simulator. With over 50 challenging missions, you can hunt, forage, defend territories, and engage in epic duels. Each mission is tailored to test your survival instincts and strategic prowess.

Form clans, communicate with players worldwide, and engage in resource trading to dominate the prehistoric lands in this community-driven game. Dino Survival Simulator offers an authentic experience with accurate depictions of dinosaurs, from their looks to sounds.

Stay tuned for regular updates that will introduce new challenges, dinosaurs, and biomes. Join millions of players on this riveting journey through time and unearth the mysteries to rise as the ultimate dinosaur in Dino Survival Simulator.

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Release date
Oct 02, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

The ULTIMATE Dinosaur Survival Simulator - The Isle Gameplay 2023 EP1PartiallyRoyal
They said this was the "BEST DINOSAUR SURVIVAL GAME" ever made...IIGP