GamesDino Bash: Travel Through Time

Dino Bash: Travel Through Time

Game overview

Command an army of hilarious dinosaurs and battle Neanderthals in various time zones. Strategize and upgrade your dinos to protect your resources.

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Get prepared to embark on a thrilling and absurd journey through time with Dino Bash. As the main character, you will lead a troop of hearty and comical dinosaurs to secure your valuable resources from annoying prehistoric humans wielding clubs and vicious temperaments.

Join Dino Bash, a time-traveling adventure that will move you and your reliable bunch of dinosaurs to a variety of different ages, each presenting unique and zany obstacles to tackle.

En route, you will access a veritable Noah's ark of dinosaurs, each equipped with individual capabilities and unique quirks. Among them are some bizarre creatures to keep things interesting. And don't forget fashion - dress up your dinosaurs in chic hats and protective armor for that added edge.

However, winning in Dino Bash isn't just about appearances - its strategy is crucial. Your timing and placement of the dinosaurs will decide whether you can ward off those pesky Neanderthals and guard your loot. So in tense moments, use your most potent dinos to wreak havoc.

So what are you lingering for? In Dino Bash, the most ridiculous dinosaur game of all time, get prepared to unleash thunderous stomps, vicious chomps, and ear-piercing roars as you battle your way to glory. Venture through the ages and test your strategic chops. And never forget to check out the game's social media links!
Release date
Nov 09, 2023