Diggy Miner

Diggy Miner


Game overview

You have a big mission! Help Diggy, the gold miner, dig deep into the earth and draw the path to find the hidden objects. In each expedition you can collect all kinds of items: gold, minerals, precious stones, special objects and much more! Use the ground digger and digging tools to help Diggy get rich!

The most valuable objects are found deep in the ground. It’s an incredible gold rush! Think strategically and draw the right path to dig deep to try to find amazing hidden objects.Collect treasure and find precious artifacts to earn more profit. Diggy has a radar to know where the hidden treasures are and dig in the best direction. Earn coins from your discoveries to upgrade your digging equipment, such as your drill or radar, before your next mining quest.

Set off on an exciting digging adventure! In this arcade digging game, the strategy you choose for Diggy is key. His energy is limited, so you'll have to use it strategically. When you are digging, you will encounter rocks along the way that hinder your ability to dig deep down. Destroying the rocks with the ground digger requires more energy than digging in softer ground. But don’t avoid them entirely, because near the rocks there is often valuable treasure.

In this adventure by Coolmath Games, you decide if you want to dig through the subterranean path of rocks and destroy them or avoid the stones and dig through the earth. Whatever strategy you choose, make sure you keep digging deep into the ground because the deeper you dig, the more precious items you will uncover underground. Spend your energy wisely because if you run out of energy, the game will be over.

Let the adventure begin! If you like arcade games you will love this digging game. Enjoy this fun mining game where you will feel like a real gold miner drawing the path and digging deep to the center of the earth. You can even play this digging game offline and without wifi!

・Help Diggy on his digging adventure.
・Dig deep and find the hidden objects in the ground.
・Upgrade the digging drill to be the best gold miner.
・Use strategy to reach deep into the ground.
・Simple design, intuitive interface, drag gameplay
・Free offline arcade game
・Official game of Coolmath Games

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Release date
Apr 13, 2023

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