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Help Diggy dig deep into the earth, find hidden objects, and upgrade his equipment in this strategic arcade digging game.

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Embark on a grand mission to help Diggy, a gold miner, drill deep into the earth and navigate the rocky terrain to uncover hidden treasures. Gather an extensive assortment of items such as rare gems, invaluable minerals, and unique artifacts throughout each round. Boost your earnings by upgrading your drilling equipment using the coins you earn from your discoveries and employ your ground digger and digging tools to assist Diggy in his quest to strike it rich!

The most coveted treasures are typically found buried deep in the earth, so it's up to you to strategize and direct Diggy in the right direction to reveal the magnificent hidden gems. With the aid of his radar, you'll have an idea of where to start your digging. Excitingly, your path choice is completely up to you; will you opt to demolish the rocks along the way or take a detour without compromising your direction? Keep in mind that rocks not only slow down your progress but also require additional energy to dismantle. However, it would be unwise to ignore the rocks completely as precious finds are often hidden in the vicinity.

In this adventure-packed arcade game, you get to decide on the most efficient strategy for guiding Diggy to triumph, considering that his energy is not infinite. Deplete it wisely and strategically. You can blast rocks away using the ground digger to progress more efficiently through denser rock textures. But be mindful of the amount of energy you have left because if it is depleted, the game ends.

Begin your thrilling excavation as a gold miner today! This entertaining mining game will transport you into the world of gold digging, where you will attempt to strike it rich by directing Diggy's every move and delving deeply into the earth. This digging game is accessible offline so you can indulge in some offline gameplay!


・Help Diggy on his treasure-hunting expedition.

・Excavate deep to locate underground treasures.

・Upgrade your drill bits for a better prospecting experience.

・Apply tactics that will assist you in drilling deeply into the terrain.

・Simplistic design, coherent layout, and accessible drag movement.

・A complimentary offline arcade game.

・The official Coolmath Games app.


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Release date
Apr 13, 2023

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