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Dig & Dungeons is an ARPG mobile game where you explore dungeons, fight demons, and find treasure. Utilize suits, traps, and strategy with unique items.

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Unearth the treasures hidden deep within dark dungeons in the ARPG mobile game, Delve & Dungeons. You will embark on a thrilling adventure as an intrepid explorer, armed with a metal pick and weaponry to defeat demons on your path to finding priceless treasures found deep within.

The real excitement begins as you explore the multi-leveled dungeons, where your survival depends upon your strategic use of weaponry and ability to navigate treacherous terrains. With your trusty pick in hand, you must hack and dig your way through the walls to reach the coveted treasure chests that are desperately guarded by cunning monsters, who will stop at nothing to protect their loot.

The game features a wide range of skills and abilities associated with different suits, enabling you to create multiple combinations and traps to defeat the enemies. From hand-drawn traps to a rich collection of suits and unique items, there are countless ways to approach each challenge, making every playthrough an invigorating experience.

The gameplay's real variety lies in the different types of battles and enemies you will face, which demand more than just brute force. To triumph, you must rely on your wit and strategic approach to overcome every obstacle, ensuring a truly thrilling gameplay experience. Bask in the addiction of unpredictability and infinite possibilities that every new dungeon brings, beckoning you with its excitement and surprises at every bend.
Release date
Sep 08, 2023
Single player

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