Dig Odyssey: Cosmic Mining

Dig Odyssey: Cosmic Mining

Andrey Abrosimov
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Game overview

Dig deep on a distant planet to uncover valuable metals, gems and solve a mysterious signal. Navigate challenging terrain and upgrade your tools for success.

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Embark on an extraterrestrial excavation mission and explore the uncharted depths of a distant planet in this thrilling digging game! As a seasoned space miner, you're tasked with delving deep into the planet's surface, unearthing valuable ores and precious stones as you scour the area for the elusive signal's source.

As the mystery deepens, it's up to you to don the mantle of an astronaut and discover what lies beneath the planet's seemingly impenetrable crust.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure, with a trail of clues to follow, and untold riches to uncover? Your mission is to drill and dig your way deeper and deeper into the planet, taking care to navigate the many different layers, some harder than others.

But beware...time and oxygen are your most significant enemies. You have limited resources of this vital element, so you must dig as quickly as possible before your air supply runs out!

Upgrade your tools and equipment to slice through the hard, rocky terrain with ease, including pickaxes, drills, and even dynamite!

The challenge is enormous, but you must rise to the task of becoming the quickest ground digger in the galaxy, solving the puzzle of the inscrutable signal, and laying claim to the planet's hidden fortune. Are you up to the challenge? The fate of the mission rests on your shoulders!
Andrey Abrosimov
Release date
May 23, 2023


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Gameplay & Streams

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Dig Odyssey: Cosmic MinerDouble Reality
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