Die Känguru-Verschwörung

Die Känguru-Verschwörung

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Game overview

Retro Jump'n'Run-Adventure game based on the new Känguru movie, featuring original voices, 21 fun levels with subgenres, and great music.

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The official game based on the new Känguru movie is an exciting retro jump and run adventure! The popular characters are transplanted by Marc-Uwe Kling into a completely different medium, bringing new ideas, stories and witty lines to the game. To enhance the experience, Kling lends his superb voice to the Känguru, while Dimitrij Schaad reprises his role as Marc-Uwe. However, don't be fooled - the game is full of meta references, making it a unique and innovative experience, with a hint of Arthouse.

The game follows the events of the movie, as the two main characters embark on a crazy road trip, encountering conspiracy theorists along the way. These villains have turned the Känguru and Marc-Uwe into pixelated characters in a computer game - clearly a part of their evil plans. As the title suggests, there's definitely a conspiracy afoot, and even the date of the release - 2023 - seems to hint at its significance. The game offers hilarious multiple-choice dialogues, allowing players to contribute to the plot.

:: Original voices of Marc-Uwe Kling and Dimitrij Schaad
:: 21 levels full of Känguru-inspired fun
:: Levels spanning across multiple sub-genres such as jump and run, jump and box, puzzle adventure jumping and rhythm jumping
:: Fantastic music from Tentakel von Delphi featuring Käptn Peng
:: Plenty of cutscenes to enjoy
:: The game is simply hilarious, and the verdict is "WITZIG" - a term coined by Marc-Uwe Kling himself, and it's all his fault!
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