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Dice Town Mobile

Game overview

Dice Town Mobile is a dice poker game where the best hand wins. Rob banks, mine for gold, and settle the land, but watch out for others trying to steal your rewards.

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Experience the thrill of poker and land conquests in Dice Town Mobile - where the roll of the dice dictates your luck and your fate. With each roll, strategize to form winning poker hands that lead you to victory. Will you rob the bank, mine for valuable gold, or stake out a plot of land? But beware, there are always opportunistic players ready to seize your hard-earned rewards from right under your nose. Don't despair if your roll yields disappointing results, because you can always buy another chance - assuming you have the funds to do so.

Dice Town Mobile offers a thrilling solo gaming experience against one to four competitive AI opponents that can entertain you in under an hour. As you spend your hard-earned cash to improve your hand, you're quickly reminded that although luck plays a role in this game, it's ultimately the skilled players who reign supreme. So put on your poker face, roll those dice, and see if luck favors you in this high-stakes game of strategy and chance.
Release date
Mar 16, 2015

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