Devil's Peak Fury

Devil's Peak Fury

Jon Hilliard
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Game overview

Experience an endless, intense wasteland race, fighting for survival and glory with nitrous-boosted cars, weapons and enemies. Upgrade as you strive to survive.

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If you're a thrill-seeker, get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush in Devil's Peak Fury, where you're in an infinite race through a barren land full of danger and thrills. Push yourself to the limits by speeding through the unforgiving wasteland and test your driving skills against a host of skilled drivers in Nitro-fueled trucks and cars.

Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge by seeing just how far you can go on the treacherous mountain road that's known as Devil's peak, which is filled with enemy cars, destruction, carnage, and unexpected surprises at every turn. Can you outlast the competition and survive in this unforgiving hellscape?

As you venture further into this harsh terrain, you'll need to earn guz or cash to upgrade your vehicle with advanced weapons, enabling you to take on your enemies with deadly firepower. If you can withstand the trials of the road and earn more distance than the rest, you'll unlock new vehicles that will keep you in the game longer.

With the Wheel of Fate at your fingertips, you can come back and spin it regularly for scavenged loot that might give you the advantage you need to go the extra mile. Devil's Peak Fury is the ultimate test of your driving skills, endurance, and will to survive, so step up to the challenge and push yourself to the limit!
Jon Hilliard
Release date
May 17, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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