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Enter the underworld in Devilish Charms, a game where you're kidnapped by a cult and forced to live with three devils. Choose your fate.

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Sinister Enchantment

Immerse yourself in a world where a nefarious cult and a mystical, alluring charm entice both humans and demons to battle for supremacy. Your life has revolved around St. Bernadette's School for Orphans since you were taken in, with no memories of life before the orphanage at the age of eight. You leave your friends and orphanage behind to start a new life in the bustling city, but your euphoria is short-lived as you suddenly become a target of a hooded group on your way home.

You find yourself in a chamber with the culprits, who summon a seductive man using you as a key. You manage to flee with him to a princely mansion that he claims as his own. Two other devils await your arrival, insisting that the outside world is too perilous for you, decreeing that you must stay in the mansion. Who are these devils and what is their purpose with you? Are you ever able to leave and return home?

Will you find a way to coexist with these three devils?

【Levi】 The heir to the underworld throne, Levi is an alpha male, authoritative and uncompromising. He is accustomed to getting everything he wants and never admits defeat. His relentless attitude frightens most, but are you the only one who sees past his forceful facade?

【Adler】 Enigmatic and intelligent, Alder is the trusted advisor of the king of the underworld. Alder claims to act for your best interests, but he keeps his distance nevertheless. There is something eerily familiar in his tone, yet you are sure that you have never met him before... or have you?

【Vincent】 Levi's younger brother, Vincent is the gentlest of the three devils. Resenting his brother in various respects, he tends to favor you when it comes to most conflicts. He is compassionate, patient, and always ready to help you in times of distress. Vincent seems to be a true ally, but can you truly rely on him or is there a hidden agenda?
Genius Inc
Release date
Apr 11, 2019


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