GamesDevil Invasion

Game overview

Be the demon king and crush humans with demonic army. Over 30 cute demons to summon and endless human attack.

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✦ The Mighty Demon King's Epic Journey ✦

Experience a thrilling adventure as the demon king and teach those arrogant humans a lesson they won't forget! Fed up with constantly being under attack, it's time to strike back and show them who's in charge!

✦ Powerful and Stylish Demons ✦

With over 30 stylish demons, obliterate the comfortable homes of humans and assemble an army of adorable yet fearsome attackers. Bid farewell to their carefree lives and assert your dominance over them.

✦ Endless Attack of Humans ✦

Humans keep appearing from nowhere, launching a relentless attack on your castle. It's time for the demon king to demonstrate his strength and protect his kingdom from the human onslaught.

✦ Basic Daily Access Event ✦

Gain a cute and small demon every day you access the game, a reward to help you in your conquest.

About the Gameplay

1. Combine various demons to create your ideal troop, and let them engage in auto battles when entering each stage!

2. Conquer stages to earn gold, which can be used for summoning more powerful demons.

3. Utilize your power, defeat the humans, and reign supreme as the mighty demon king.
Release date
Nov 27, 2023
Single player