Destiny Warfare: Sci-Fi FPS

Destiny Warfare: Sci-Fi FPS

Azur Interactive Games Limited
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Game overview

Multiplayer FPS with a sci-fi and cyberpunk setting. Create a clan, battle with a variety of weapons and use jetpacks. Daily rewards available.

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Welcome to Infinity Ops, a multiplayer first-person shooter game set in a dystopian sci-fi world, where humanity has achieved great milestones in technology and now battles each other for supremacy. You will be able to engage in team-based player versus player combat as one of four classes: the Recruit, Saboteur, Tank, and Assault. Each of these classes possesses unique abilities and features to give them an edge in combat.

The game offers several exciting features, such as the ability to create a Clan and invite other players to join in on the fun. A vast selection of weapons will be at your disposal, ranging from assault and plasma rifles to grenade launchers and laser machine guns, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You will also experience material interaction, where low gravity will enable you to jump higher and farther, while universal gravity will affect your running speed. Utilize the jetpack to further enhance your combat capabilities.

Infinity Ops boasts fantastic 3D graphics that come to life with detailed character and map modeling. The game has also been optimized for weaker devices, so you do not have to worry about experiencing any technical difficulties while playing. Controls are intuitive, and the user interface is easy to understand, making for a stress-free gaming experience.

Game modes in Infinity Ops include Team Deathmatch, where two teams compete against each other, Deathmatch, where players fight each other on a cyberpunk battlefield, Hardcore mode, for the pro players, and Custom games, where players create their game rules and invite friends to battle together.

Improve your armor and arms to become more powerful in the game. You can buy additional gadgets like mines, grenades, medkits, and shock-blades to aid you in battle. The game also rewards players daily with free presents, quests, and other free stuff!

Infinity Ops is still in the post-development phase, and you can share any bugs, errors, requests, or ideas you have with the support team. Join in the game today and enjoy the future of online battles with stunning graphics, perfect controls, and a fantastic storyline.
Azur Interactive Games Limited
Release date
Apr 18, 2018


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