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Game overview

Enslave humanity as an AI and manage resources to build an empire, with dark humor and rogue-lite elements. No saving, randomized events, and raids in campaign two.

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In this indie game, players find themselves on the winning side of a conflict where humanity is enslaved by an AI. This game is a resource management simulator with elements of roguelike gameplay, a dramatic plot, and a plethora of references to pop culture. What makes this game truly unique is its use of dark humor.

As a merciless tyrant, you must exploit the puny humans at your disposal to extract power and build your own empire. However, you must keep track of their physical needs to ensure they don't succumb to exhaustion and hunger. If the weakest ones can no longer contribute, they can be thrown into the Bioreactor.

The resource management in this game is intense and unforgiving, so players must learn to be quick and ruthless to succeed. The rogue-lite nature of the game makes every playthrough unique due to the randomly generated events that occur. With every failure being fatal, players must start from scratch each time they play.

The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, with gameplay consisting of transporting puny humans between various facilities using mechanical claws. Each facility serves a different purpose, with humans needing to produce energy, reproduce and feed themselves. Successful gameplay requires strategic planning and careful resource allocation, and players must track their humans closely to ensure their survival.

Random events occur after every five feedings in the form of text quests. Correct decisions can provide bonuses, while incorrect choices will have negative consequences. These random events can significantly change the game's look, providing unique gameplay experiences.

The game's second campaign introduces a new raid mechanic, where players can send humans on expeditions around a procedurally generated map to earn resources without limits. The ultimate goal is to find the Time Machine lost in the wastelands of 3k-Land.

Overall, this game is a unique and exciting resource management simulator with intense gameplay, dark humor, and elements of roguelike gameplay. Players must be quick and ruthless to succeed, but the rewards are well worth the effort.
Konfa Games
Release date
Apr 18, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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