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As a commander-in-training at the National School of Exorcists, train a new unit of strong, beautiful women to fight demons and overcome clashing personalities.

■Overview■ Demons have invaded the world fifty years ago, and now they are everywhere, wreaking havoc in the streets and killing innocent people. You, as a commander-in-training at the National School of Exorcists are tasked with hunting down demons and training new exorcists. Your latest job is to train a new unit of strong, beautiful women who have clashing personalities. Will you be able to bring them together to fight against the overwhelming odds? ■Characters■ Sakuragi is a bubbly and energetic girl who idolizes you. Once you save her from the demons, she enrolls in the school to fight alongside you. However, she is clumsy, and her fighting skills need improvement. Will you be able to mentor her and transform her into a strong exorcist? Shinonome is a loner who shows little to no emotion. She is a skilled fighter, but her distant personality makes it hard for her to make friends. She's been through a lot of bullying and isolation and might be hiding a dark secret. Will you be able to connect with her and help her overcome her traumatic past? Kazami is a hot-headed fighter who lost her parents to the demons and has since dedicated her life to avenging them. She struggles to work with her teammates, but her fierce determination and skills garner respect from everyone. However, her impulsiveness may bring trouble to the group. Will you be able to calm her down and help her find the closure she craves? Join the National School of Exorcists and fight against the demonic terror with your comrades!
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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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