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Game overview

Demigod Idle: Reclaim divine powers and conquer bosses with celestial and dark skills. Collect powerful items, wings, and gear to customize your appearance.

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Experience the Overwhelming Divine Power in "Demigod Idle"!

As Demigod lost its divine power and became an ordinary human, your task is to regain the divine strength and resurrect it once again.

◆ Receive offline rewards equivalent to online rewards!
- No need to keep the game on 24/7, receive offline and online rewards!

◆ Enjoy dazzling combats with a combination of sacred and dark skills!
- Use sacred skills to attack many enemies at once or dark skills to inflict high damage!
- Witness the stunning effects and feel the overwhelming hits.

◆ Awaken Demigod and unleash its overwhelming divine power!
- The strongest god, possessing sacred and dark powers
- Experience the powerful divine strength of Demigod.

◆ Enjoy various contents and receive high rewards by challenging yourself with different dungeons!
- Growth Dungeons/Trial Towers/Awakening Dungeons/Equipment Dungeons and other content
- Enjoy from competing with other users on the rankings to content full of rewards!

◆ Farm and collect powerful items such as equipment, sprites, and gems!
- Obtain a variety of items such as equipment, gems, sprites, and holy relics
- Feel the joy of growth by using various equipment.

◆ Overwhelming battles with giant bosses. Conquer them!
- Overwhelming scale, exciting matches against giant bosses
- Conquer giant bosses with powerful attacks and overwhelming presence.

◆ Acquire dozens of costumes and wings. Obtain cosmetic items!
- Various costumes and wings to become stronger just by owning them
- Customize your character with cosmetic items obtained from boss battles.

Please note that the game usage may not be stable in some LTE network environments.

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Developer contact:

Developer contact:
Address: 123 Oggong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
Business registration number: 849-87-02554
Mail order number: 2022-Jeonju Deokjin-0684
Phone number: 070-7954-7538
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