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Play realistic Dekabès or Jackpot Domino game with 2-4 players, compete on the leader board, adjust settings to your preference, and play with friends on private tables.

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Introducing Dekabès, also known as Jackpot Domino, the ultimate app that offers an authentic and immersive domino board game experience enjoyed by players worldwide. This game is the most realistic and advanced domino app, with the first version launching in 2021, and we promise to continue improving and delivering even more realistic gameplay in the future. Whether you prefer traditional Caribbean-style or any other preferred way of playing dominoes, Dekabès offers customization options to fit your style.

In Dekabès, you can play with 2, 3, or 4 players and compete against other players globally via the game's leaderboard or the computer to earn points. With our user-friendly interface, you can adjust settings according to your needs and gameplay style.

In the 2-player mode of Dekabès, you can choose either block game or draw game. In the draw game, each player starts with seven dominoes, and if a player passes, they search for a domino to play from the boneyard. On the other hand, Block game can be played with 7 or 14 dominoes, which is more entertaining for two players of the same level.

The 3-player mode in Dekabès is played with nine dominoes, and the double blank tile is removed. However, the 4-player mode is even more dynamic as it allows you to play with two teams or without a team. Playing with a teammate online turns this mode even more exciting as you can use gestures to communicate with each other. The use of gestures and understanding your partner's moves guarantee an enjoyable and enhanced experience.

Dekabès introduces the term Jackpot, or in other words, Dekabès, which signifies winning on both sides of the domino tiles on the table. A Dekabès is only achieved with non-double dominoes, and it doubles your score in the round compared to a regular win that earns one winning round. If tied, the subsequent round counts for two winning rounds instead of the regular one.

When a domino is blocked or closed and no further moves are available, a situation called a deuce arises. The player with the lowest points in hand wins in such circumstances. If tied, the next round counts for two or four winning rounds if someone scores a Dekabes or Jackpot.

We have designed this game to be customizable and adapt to players worldwide. Hence a set of settings can be tailored to suit your preferences and playing style, resulting in the best possible experience. In addition, we have created a private table mode to enable playing with friends from different locations or when you forget your dominoes. 

Dekabès auickly becomes popular because of the authentic and realistic gaming experience it offers. Available on both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, it is accessible to gamers everywhere, and we plan to expand and release it on more platforms soon. So, download Dekabès today and play it with your friends to experience the best domino game out there!
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