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Control the little prince Arco to develop life and adventure on Deiland, a tiny planet, with magic spells and enemies.

Deiland is a game that offers an outlet to relax and unwind while controlling the protagonist, Arco, a juvenile prince, and guiding him towards self-sufficiency on a minuscule planet fraught with extraordinary events. In this decidedly tranquil life simulation game, we kick off on a blank planet full of possibilities. Our initial task involves crafting various tools that are fundamental to our livelihood, such as a hoe for the fields, an axe for gathering firewood, and a hammer for constructing structures and crafting. We'll soon uncover the simple joys that Deiland brings, like fruit gathering, the thrill of a successful harvest, and witnessing a meteor shower. Through effort and perseverance, we will amass a plethora of materials and items that can be utilized to craft new and improved tools, dishware, fabrics, and magical potions. Our humble lodgings will slowly grow and evolve into a massive complex of a forge, kitchen, and lab. Our creativity will be tested in ways that culminate in a hallmark of our skill, a plethora of objects ranging from basic to showy in design. As our self-sufficient lifestyle is established, our successes draw the interest of traders, whose keen eyes spot the opportunity for material purchase or sale. We'll encounter Brram, a skilled chef who excels in stellar cuisine; Mûn, an audacious bug hunter; and Lock, an amicable elderly gentleman with a penchant for potions and castings. Deiland's calm is only an illusion, as unexpected enemies are a constant threat. We'll have to fight giant spiders, bats, poisonous flowers, giant trolls, and other creatures that covet our resources. To protect the planet from harm, knowledge of magic spells will be essential and the power of Crystal will allow us to secure Deiland's safety. The bountiful nature of Deiland will take our breath away, offering a sense of serenity and peace of mind: - Anticipate the beauty of the lush forest, which spans oaks, pines, and wild shrubs; - Rainwater is a valuable resource that needs preservation and efficient utilization; - Witness the transitional phases of morning, sunset, and nightfall that the planet offers; - Relax while fishing in the lake, a pastime worth enjoying as fish large enough to cook for our meals can be caught; - Our diverse farm will keep us engaged with field crops and our companion animals such as sheep and chickens. Deiland is an adventure game that offers us the chance to make decisions, adapt, and establish a flourishing ecosystem on a tiny planet dominated by magic. In the dawn of the universe, four princes were sent to the minor planets on a definitive mission. This task sought the mysterious crystal that resided within each planet's subtlest nooks and crannies. The discovery of these ancient crystals unlocked the prevailing forces of magic and extended its reach into every corner of the universe, thus birthing the worlds we now come to know. Arco, the youngest of the princes, is renowned for unearthing the crystal that existed in the smallest of the minor planets, Deiland, the Tiny.
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