Defense of the Kings

Defense of the Kings

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Game overview

Choose your race and defend your kingdom against warriors and monsters in Defense of the Kings. Unlock more warriors and features to become the ultimate defender.

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Join the battlefield in Defense of the Kings, the ultimate defense game where you lead your army to triumph against vicious monsters and warriors. This game offers a thrilling experience with a choice of five different kinds of warriors: Ancient, Human, Orc, Forest, and Undead. Each race has unique abilities, strengths, and flaws, which will help you build a diverse army and win battles.

The Ancient race features powerful mages and warriors, making it a fierce force on the battlefield. The Human race is adaptable and versatile, having a handful of units that excel in both attack and defense. The Orc race is renowned for its brute strength and determination. The Forest race is swift and stealthy, with units that can move quickly through the battlefield and launch unexpected attacks. Lastly, the Undead race is the most powerful of them all, with undead warriors and necromancers that can raise the dead and summon dark magic to take down their adversaries.

As you progress, you can earn gold and gems, which you can use to unlock more powerful warriors and features within each race, making you invincible against your enemies. The challenges you face become progressively tougher, and you'll need to apply your strategic skills to build the strongest army possible to protect your castle from the never-ending hordes of enemies that will come at you.

To make things even more exciting, we offer daily rewards for our players, including gold, gems, and chests, all from the roulette button. Daily rewards offer more opportunities to strengthen your army and become a powerful player.

Join the battle now and download this game, play now and experience the adventure!
Leke Games
Release date
Mar 11, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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