GamesDefense Legend 5: Survivor TD

Defense Legend 5: Survivor TD

Game overview

Defend against waves of space monsters to protect your legion and rebuild a new life on a new planet. Strategize tower defense tactics and upgrade weaponry in Defense Legend.

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In the aftermath of attacks from malicious forces, planet Earth has been decimated, with the last line of defense now crumbling. To cope with an environment that is no longer conducive to human habitation, a migration project to other habitable planets has commenced. A legion, armed with all necessary resources and equipment, has been dispatched to rebuild civilization from scratch on a new world.

Upon awakening on a spaceship located in the middle of a planet that boasts suitable living conditions, it becomes apparent that they are not alone. An army of strange monsters manifests, its only objective being to obliterate all life forms that stand in its path. As the commander of the legion, your task is to strategize and defend the human race against the monstrous invaders. Your decisions could be the make-or-break factor that determines the outcome of the entire campaign.

The Defense Legend game series has a captivating storyline that is bound to captivate players. While the core mechanics of the tower defense genre remain intact, each level ratchets up in complexity, demanding that players adapt their tactics and skills accordingly. This aspect should prove incredibly engaging for tower defense enthusiasts.

Features include commanding the legion to fight against invading monsters, building turrets, upgrading weapons to boost the army's overall strength, and upgrading your spaceship to amass an invincible fleet. The game provides a robust platform to showcase the skills and strategies of a skilled commander. Players will have to face off against monsters in all types of terrains, from verdant forests to icy wastelands, necessitating the development of extremely flexible tactics and strategies.

Instructions include choosing the right commander and turret for each terrain, placing weapons in practical positions that enable easy defense, collecting resources, and upgrading weapons to increase the legions' abilities. In short, your objective is to vanquish all enemies and protect your headquarters at all costs.
Release date
Jun 24, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Defense Legend 5: Survivor TD | Stage 28 (Very Hard level)🔥 GameplayRAM
Defense Legend 5: Survivor TD | Level 31 (Normal)🔥 GameplayRAM
Defense Legend 5: Survivor TD | Level 30 (Very Hard) Boss defeat🔥 GameplayRAM