Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season
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Game overview

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season offers a new hunting style with challenge levels, bonus and boss levels, and top gear weapons. Download for free and hunt like crazy!

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Get ready for the ultimate hunting experience with the highly-anticipated release of Brand New Deer Hunting 2! This hunting season adventure takes you through some of the most challenging and exciting terrains in West America, Northern Europe, and Central Africa. With countless elusive animals hidden in various forests, deserts, plateaus, grasslands, snow fields, rainforests, and swamps, your hunting skills will be put to the test.

Brand New Deer Hunting 2 introduces a new hunting style, with bounty and challenge levels that provide an extra layer of excitement. Rampage in the bonus level by joining for free every few minutes and killing as many targets as possible within a limited time frame, including treasure chests, animals, and more. You can earn points based on your kills to receive lucrative rewards.

In the challenge mode, you can experience a new shooting adventure, which gives you a sense of thrill and wildness. You can use the rifle bursting or combo shooting to take down multiple animals running in a fixed line. To pass the challenge, you must kill a specific number of targets within the given time limit.

The game features not only conventional animals such as deer, sika deer, pronghorn, moose, antelope, argali, brown bear, black bear, lion, buffalo, wild boar, wolf, elephant, snow wolf, fox, tapir, tortoise, crocodile, and hippo. It also includes legendary boss creatures that require advanced skills to hunt. The boss level involves staged combat, where hitting multiple key targets is necessary to take them down. Explore the wildlife and hunt these creatures to collect amazing treasures.

Brand New Deer Hunting 2 provides a wide range of professional hunting weapons that you can choose from. You can purchase more powerful guns as you face tougher prey. Whether you prefer classic rifles or shotguns, the game has it all. Zoom in on your target through the weapon scope and activate the IR precision feature to hit major organs and take accurate shots.

Are you ready to step up your hunting game? Download Brand New Deer Hunting 2 for free and prove that you are the best animal hunter in the world. Fans of FPS games, hunting simulators, and the Deer Hunter series will enjoy this thrilling hunting experience. Play with your friends and have fun!
Release date
Jan 21, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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