Deemo II

Deemo II

Rayark International Limited
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Game overview

Echo and Deemo journey through a rain-soaked world playing Charts, finding clues, and interacting with characters to save the land from destruction in DEEMO II.

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DEEMO II takes you on a musical adventure in a kingdom plagued by 'The Ancestor', a destructive monster that causes a rain of white flower petals that wipes out everything in its path. You play as Echo, a girl who miraculously returns after blooming, and Deemo, an enigmatic guardian at the central station, as they navigate through this rain-filled world to find a way to save it.

Discover the secrets of the world alongside Echo as you explore the central station, getting to know the diverse resident characters whose stories intertwine with the main plot. Use your newfound knowledge and magical musical charts to clear away the destructive rain and progress through levels that will test your rhythm skills.

With over 120 tracks to enjoy, the game features a broad range of composers from Japan, Korea, Europe, and the Americas, with styles ranging from classical and jazz to chill pop and J-pop. The graphics and animation of DEEMO II create an immersive experience, with hand-drawn backgrounds and 3D models that make everything pop, making it feel like a storybook.

DEEMO II features professional Japanese voice actors who bring the game to life with movie-quality animated cutscenes. From the studio that brought you Cytus, Voez and Cytus II, DEEMO II offers another captivating rhythm game experience that pairs fluid mechanics with a meaningful story. Are you ready to save the world through the power of rhythm?
Rayark International Limited
Release date
Jan 12, 2022
Single player


Ewanssfrom Skich app
Очень красивая, но надо русский язык...

Gameplay & Streams

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