GamesDecay Z : Space Survival

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iCarus" spaceship sent to find new earth after earth fall in 2088. Infested with Z-Virus, survivors fight mutants and the damaged ship. Upgrade weapons and armor.

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In the year 2088, a catastrophic event forces a group of nations to launch the top-secret project, "iCarus," with the goal of discovering a new, habitable planet, also known as "Utopia." The expedition will last 200 years, but it soon becomes clear that not everything is going according to plan. A dangerous virus, dubbed "Z-Virus," infects and mutates those who come into contact with contaminated supplies.

"Sayame MiM," the leader of the "iCarus" project, attempts to protect the final group of survivors by cutting off the electricity to the security doors. This plan, however, results in damaging the power reactor, leaving the expedition in serious jeopardy. The story continues years later when an engineer aboard the spaceship is awakened from hyper sleep, and it is up to him to uncover the rest of the story.

This standalone, offline-capable game features high-quality graphics and a tense, unnerving atmosphere, with players exploring the fallen spaceship and its surroundings, with a thrilling sci-fi theme. Players will face various types of mutants and bosses, taking them on with several options for sci-fi weapons and unique armor upgrades. Additionally, new stages, enemies, bosses, weapons, and armor will be added with updates.

Stay up-to-date with the game through following the team via their Twitter and Facebook pages or their Youtube Channel. Play the game now and experience the thrill of surviving in space.
Release date
Aug 03, 2018
Single player


Decay Z : Space Survival - Gameplay Part 1BGod DecayZ
Decay Z : Space Survival - Gameplay Part 2BGod DecayZ
Decay Z : Space Survival - PreviewBGod DecayZ
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