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Haggle, manage and build your own pawn shop empire with infinite customers and items. Procedurally generated, with auctions and hilarious quotes.

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Experience the wacky entrepreneurial journey by managing your very own pawn shop in the hilarious tycoon game, Dealer's Life. Engage in endless haggling with generated customers and purchase or sell fake and counterfeit items while avoiding potential losses or exploiting them to gain maximum profit. Expect the unexpected with special characters, random events, and procedurally-generated elements that will keep you on your toes!

With Dealer's Life, the possibilities are infinite. You have access to an endless array of items and customers, each with their own distinctive personality and appearance. Utilize your negotiation skills for the most technically advanced bargaining system you've ever seen. Impressively make quicker and smarter bids at exciting auctions to outshine your rivals and score the most prestigious items. Furthermore, you can choose to play the game in different styles by improving your character's skills as you customize and manage your pawn shop's inventory, position in town, and the maximum number of customers a day.

Take advantage of your employees by hiring the best experts, restorers, profilers, analysts, clerks, and more to help you in your business, buying, repairing, estimating, and reselling for huge gains. The game features a range of humorous elements as well as quotes from cult movies and videogames, making it a unique experience every time you play. Thousands of fake customers exhibit unique behaviors and character traits that affect the negotiation process based on their external appearance and psychological traits. Use your Insight skill to study and identify who you're dealing with and act accordingly to close beneficial deals.

Collect enough money and acquire a better pawn shop location with a better exterior to attract more customers. Attend storage auctions and capitalize on the potential hiding treasure to boost your inventory with more legendary items, and continuously fight the market to become the ultimate pawn shop titan. Furthermore, this version comes with exclusive bonus content, including Grand Master fame level, storage auctions, a new district with four luxury shops like the White House, double cash and an exclusive legendary item at the beginning of each game. Enjoy an advertisement-free and offline gameplay experience with Dealer's Life.

Dealer's Life promises to improve your experience constantly. For feedback on the game or any suggestions, check out the Roadmap on the Trello website or contact us through our social media pages on Facebook or Twitter. This game features advertisements from third parties, which redirects you to a third-party site which you can opt-out of in the settings menu.
Release date
Mar 10, 2017
Single player

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