Deadly Days: The Final Shelter

Deadly Days: The Final Shelter

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Game overview

Build your base in a post-apocalyptic world and try to help your survivors on their way. Will you manage to reach next year?

Shortly before the start of the apocalypse, the fast food chain MKing launched a new burger product on the market. Addictive additives were secretly added to the meat in order to boost sales. The plan worked out. However, the addictive drug meant that all brain areas were shut down over time, except for the area which is responsible for the basic need for fresh meat. Lots of meat! As if that were not bad enough, this disease also leads to the fact that the people affected cannot die naturally. A high level of force is necessary.

You are the leader of a group of survivors. The goal is to build a new home, but you will need a lot of parts. Your survivors go every day looking for parts and junk. Help them survive. You can do this by performing various actions. For example, send a bomber to launch a devastating attack on enemies. Or equip your survivors with a variety of weapons and support wounded survivors with medical care. If nothing helps anymore, just start a nuclear strike.

‣ Build a home for your survivors
‣ Fight the zombies and support your survivors
‣ Break open valuable crates to find powerful items
‣ Climb the leaderboard and prove that you are the best commander
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