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Game overview

Survive in a post-apocalyptic desert filled with zombies. Turn an abandoned oil rig into a thriving settlement while scavenging for resources and battling rival groups.

Experience the unforgiving world of the post-apocalyptic desert, infested with zombies, in "Desert Drifters: Oil Oasis Survival". Test your strategic prowess and resilience in a world fraught with danger! Modern civilization has crumbled, and the harsh desert environment with sandstorms and sweltering heat has added to the challenge. Aside from the undead hordes, groups of marauders pose a significant threat to your survival. Your squad stumbles upon an abandoned oil rig that can provide shelter and resources. Lead your team and turn the structure into a thriving community while defending against the dangers lurking outside. Be resourceful and gather essential supplies such as water, fuel, and relics as you explore the vast desert. Beware of other scavengers and enemies vying for the same resources! The oil rig is critical to your success. Black gold can power your defenses, provide trade opportunities, and fuel your assaults against zombies. Forge alliances with other groups of drifters, recruit legendary warriors with exceptional skills to your side, and compete with rival communities using your strategy and might. Survival in the desert requires innovation and adaptation. Research forgotten technologies to stay ahead and maintain your settlement. The welfare of your people is in your hands. As a leader, you must make well-informed decisions to ensure continued growth and prosperity. Play "Desert Drifters: Oil Oasis Survival" as a free-to-play mobile strategy game. In-game items are optional and purchasable with real money. Connect with us on our Facebook page for the latest updates and stay informed about the game.
Release date
Sep 15, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Dead Lands : Survival CityMaximumandroid - Just Good Games
Dead Lands: Survival City (by Meowpunk) - free online casual game for Android - gameplay.andro-games
Dead lands : Survival city game | Chapter 1 to 8 gameplayNp7 gaming


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