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Day R Premium

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Game overview

Survive hunger, zombies, radiation, and enemies in this post-nuclear USSR game. Choose difficulty and play with friends in online cooperative mode.

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of survival as you journey through a post-apocalyptic world in Day R Premium. With nuclear war destroying everything in its path, mutated monsters, zombies, and disease-ridden inhabitants have replaced the once vibrant society. Your objective is to save your family by traversing the entire country while avoiding blood-thirsty enemies, starvation, thirst, countless diseases, and injuries.

Day R Premium offers hardcore survival gameplay, where hunger, zombies and radiation are your biggest enemies. The realistic open-world game features over 2,700 different towns and cities and a changing season system that brings the game to life. You'll need to hunt animals for their meat and fur, but beware even rats can cause serious injuries.

Craft your own weapons, clothing, and transportation to ensure your survival in this unforgiving environment. Day R Premium gives players endless possibilities and over 700 different crafting recipes to follow. You can also acquire valuable skills such as mechanics, blacksmithing, and chemistry to boost your chances of survival.

The game also offers an exciting quest system and engaging storylines that you won't want to miss. Make friends and form alliances as you venture through the wasteland together or fight alone in hardcore sandbox difficulty. Day R Premium also provides players with access to a cooperative online mode, where you can chat, exchange items, and engage in joint fights with other players.

By exploring abandoned buildings and shelters, you'll find weapons, crafting materials, and transportation to aid in your adventure. Test your knowledge of chemistry and physics in this incredibly realistic survival game.

The premium version of Day R includes a unique pet Raven, a starter kit, expanded selection of perks, and caches of useful items in shelters, amongst other benefits. With the official website and customer service email for support, join the global Day R community on Facebook and YouTube to receive tips and tricks from other players.

In a world where war never changes, can you survive the apocalypse and regain your memories? The fate of your family rests solely on your shoulders in this thrilling game of survival. Play Day R Premium and experience the ultimate test of your survival skills.
Rmind Games
Release date
Feb 02, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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